Why You Should Use a VPN

So what exactly is a VPN?

Well a VPN or Virtual Private Network, allows you to connect to the internet through a VPN providers secure server. So when you have a VPN running on your computer, phone, tablet, etc. you’re routing all your traffic through the VPN provider of your choice.


Why would I want to use a VPN?

There are several advantages to using a VPN. When your device is connected to a VPN all of your internet traffic is encrypted. Think of it as a tunnel. When that encrypted tunnel is around your internet traffic, no one can see that said traffic. So a VPN is a good choice if you want to do anything like banking or logging into profiles on public WiFi networks that could potentially be hacked, like coffee shops and hotels. A VPN also changes your IP Address which is a set of numbers that are used to identify your device. Your IP Address can be easily tracked by hackers and the government. So a VPN is a good choice if you want the peace of mind of having a secure and private connection. There are other benefits to using a VPN such as preventing DNS leaks that could reveal your real IP Address. VPN’s can also help people in countries that censor their internet, a VPN would allow that person to access websites that have been blocked. So overall no matter who you are, you should be using a VPN.

Am I completely secure while using a VPN?

Of course not. No matter how many precautions you take there will always be flaws and loopholes. A VPN will provide an extra layer of security and privacy.

What to look for in a VPN provider

Not all VPN providers are ideal. You want to look for a provider that doesn’t keep logs. You also want to look for providers that are not based in the country you live in due to log retention laws that could possibly be in place. Make sure their encryption is AES-256, which is military-grade. Also check to see if they have DNS leak protection.

A few recommendations

As far as a paid VPN goes I recommend NordVPN. They have a cool feature they call “Double VPN” which basically encrypts your internet traffic twice by going through two of their servers (yes, your connection will be slower in turn) before it reaches the intended domain. It also has a no logging policy and is based in Panama.

For free VPN’s I recommend TunnelBear and Betternet. Both have no log policies, and overall have a great set of features for being free.


Thanks for reading, and stay around for more posts in the future!


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