– Cloudflare’s New DNS Service

Cloudflare has come out with a new DNS service for the public! The DNS being and the alternate for IPV4. I will talk a little about my thoughts of it and show you how to set it up!

What is it?

Cloudflare’s DNS service is an alternative to use rather then the one automatically assigned by your internet service provider or another 3rd party. For how relatively new it is, it’s insanely fast compared to google’s DNS. According to speed tests done by DNSPerf, Cloudflare’s has an average response time of 14.8ms whereas Google’s is 34.7ms and the average ISP’s is 68.23ms!

Is it only good for speed?

Nope! They are taking privacy super seriously. They promise not to log your IP address or sell your data, and to prove themselves they hired KPMG to audit their systems annually! They are also integrating encrypted DNS using DNS-over-HTTPS.

My Experience

So far I think it’s a great service, I mostly like using it because of the privacy aspect. ISP’s snooping on what you’re doing is not cool. As far as the speed difference goes, I really haven’t noticed too big of a difference, but none the less try it for yourself!

How To Set Up DNS

For Windows:

-Open Control Panel

-Go to Network and Internet

-Click on Adapter Settings

-Then right-click on the WiFi network or Ethernet network you’re using and click properties

-Select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click properties

-Click “Use The Following DNS Server Addresses” and put in and

-Click OK and then Close

Note: If you want to use IPV6 then the addresses are: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001

If you are not using windows then you can go to and they have several guides on how to set it up on other devices such as IOS, Mac, Android, and more.


Thanks for reading!




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