Brave – The Best Privacy Browser?

What’s Brave?

Brave is a fairly new, free web browser that is based off of Chromium. It is privacy focused and achieves this by implementing a built-in ad blocker. They also claim that Brave can load web pages twice as fast as other browsers.

The Ad Blocker and Privacy Features

For as long as I’ve used Brave I’ve had no problems with the ad blocking. It seems to work great and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ad pop up. On top of blocking ads, Brave also blocks trackers which can be a privacy concern to many people. Brave will also automatically upgrade HTTP requests to HTTPS so you can feel a little safer from man-in-the-middle attacks. You can even set settings for certain websites.


Do They Log Your Browsing Activity?

According to Brave their servers do not store any of your browsing data, however browsing data will stay on your device locally until deleted. Since Brave doesn’t store any of your browsing data that means they can’t sell it to third parties.

Can We Trust the Creator of Brave?

The Founder & CEO is Brendan Eich who created the JavaScript programming language. He also co-founded the Mozilla Project. So he definitely knows what he’s doing and has a great team of programmers with him.

Final Thoughts

I think Brave is a great browser for anyone who is privacy/security focused. I personally like it a lot. Just remember that this browser WILL NOT hide your IP Address from the website you’re visiting or your ISP. I recommend using a VPN with this browser if you are concerned about being tracked by your ISP.



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